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Name: Rylan Dreamer

Nicknames: Ry, Rai, Dreamer

Age: 18

Pronouns: He/They (Nonbinary / Enby)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Interests and Hobbies

~ Fandom Hyperfixation: Minecraft

~ Other Fandoms: FNAF, Steven Universe, Equestria Girls

~ Hobbies: Writing, Worldbuilding, Drawing, Singing


~ Java Minecraft: EnderMagix

~ Xbox / Bedrock Minecraft: Dr34mB1gK1d

Fun Facts

~ Part of the Community

~ Self Diagnosed ADHD

~ Native English speaker, learning Spanish


~ Favorite Color: Blue

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Kin Memories and Comfort Characters

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- Tiny Kin List -

Identity Level:


Selfhood (100%)

Fl0w3rPr1nc3 (Chara Dreemurr) [Undertale]


Main ID (95%)

PrxttyInPink (Spinel) [Steven Universe]

phoeniiix.priiincess (Sunset Shimmer) [MLP: Equestria Girls]

streakz-of-rainbowz (Vanessa "Vanny" Afton)[Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted / Security Breach]

end_magix (Alex) [Minecraft]


Primary (80%)

SuperstarBonnieOfficial (Jennifer "Jen" Andersen / Toy Bonnie) [Five Nights At Freddy's 2]

Rain-0r-Shine (Funshine Bear) [Care Bears: Unlock The Magic]

Shining.Lake (Lake / Mirror Tulip "MT") [Infinity Train Book 2]

ItzJustShxpes (Margaret "Mae" Borowski) [Night In The Woods]

StaySweet01 (Taffyta Muttonfudge) [Wreck It Ralph]


Secondary (75%)

InTheShadows (Gabriel / Freddy Bully / Freddy Fazbear) [FNAF 4]

DekiruTheHero (Izuku Midoriya 「みどりやいずく」) [My Hero Academia]

Miss.Buttxr (Petra) [Minecraft Story Mode]

Green-Liiight (Plushtrap) [Five Nights At Freddy's 4]

Gxld-Bear (Goldie / Golden Freddy) [Five Nights At Freddy's 1]

scribble.poems (Monika) [Doki Doki Literature Club]

only-one-future (Human!Sapphire) [Steven Universe]

-Selfhood and Main IDs -


Name: Chara Dreemurr

: 11

Pronouns: They/Them

: Selfhood (100%)

Source: Undertale

Personality: Quiet and reclusive, compassionate to friends but defensive to strangers, creative and thoughtful.

Drop Down Arrow   - Fun Facts -

I was very into gardening, and often took notes of the flowers and plants, doodling them and writing down facts in my free time.

I adored Undyne, even before she adopted me! I looked up to her like a super strong hero!

My favorite locations in Waterfall were farther away from the rivers, where the flowers seemed to glow a little brighter.

I was considered the second prince, and I was seen as such by most of monsterkind, even under the care of Undyne.

There was no buttercup incident, like in canon, but I did still love golden flowers and we grew them throughout the castle!


Name: Spinel

: ~8-13

Pronouns: She/Her

: Main ID (95%)

Source: Steven Universe: The Movie

Personality: Energetic and excitable, uncertain and clingy, vulnerable to depression spirals, clever under pressure.

Drop Down Arrow - Fun Facts -

My gem didn't rotate after I regenerated, staying right side up, but my colors were more dulled out, even by a little bit.

I didn't like preforming, but after I was in a better place, I figured out that I preferred drawing!

I also had a slight crush on Blue Pearl when I was gifted to the Diamond's, finding her very pleasant to be around.

I had an interest in humans, and human "aesthetics", wanting to live on earth after seeing it with Steven!

I was a bit afraid of Steven though, especially after his Pink Diamond powers grew. It was definitely the Pink trauma, sadly.


Name: Sunset Shimmer

: 16-17

Pronouns: She/They

: Main ID (95%)

Source: Equestria Girls

Personality: Angry and prone to outbursts but empathetic and understanding towards people, outgoing and confident.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

Like Sci-Twi, I had gotten nightmares about my demon, and "My Past Is Not Today" was a song written by the rainbooms to help me cope!

I adored magic and wanted to learn more, but was more cautious after the fall formal incident. Though, when I got the magical geode, I finally felt important and whole.

I had a crush on Rainbow before the Friendship Games, but it took till after for me to actually talk to her about it.

My canon is very divergent after Forgotten Friendship, but I remember the Rainbooms going on tour! I had a solo side act!

I did NOT like Princess Twilight, at all. The entire time I was around her, I felt jealous of her, but eventually got over it, especially after feeling like I had a place in the Rainbooms.


Name: Vanessa "Vanny" [Redacted]

: 19

Pronouns: They/She

: Main ID (95%)

Source: Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

Personality: Sneaky and secretive, skittish and prone to lying, very anxious, but intentional and loving.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I went to college to learn how to program and create games, which is where I eventually got the job for playtesting and bug fixing FNAF VR!

I had gotten rainbow hair because of my boss, wanting to impress him!

I remember I got moved from the playtesting of FNAF VR, to the AR testing, then ultimately fired and got a job at the PizzaPlex.

My mask and suit went together and looked the same, though I believe I just remade the mask to fit a full fursuit.

Security Girl ended up helping me get out of my relationship with Glitchtrap, offering to help me get better.


Name: Alex

: ~20

Pronouns: They/She

: Main ID (95%)

Source: Minecraft Dungeons

Personality: Calculated and vigilant, thoughtful yet socially inept, quiet and calm.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I don't remember much yet, but one thing I do remember is enchanting myself, like the Minecraft Dungeons enchanted mobs.

Also I was big soft for Steve <3

 - Primary Kins and Beyond -


Name: Jennifer "Jen" [Redacted] / Toy Bonnie

: 14

Pronouns: He/They

: Primary (80%)

Source: Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Personality: Overly confident and egotistical, defensive and protective, playful and taunting.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I adored Fredbears as a child, and went there daily with my mom!

I didn't see the bite, but I was sad that the location was shut down because of it. I did end up going to the FNAF 2 location, but...

As Toy Bonnie, I was very protective of the children, and could tell the difference between our killer and the nightguard.

The older animatronics had really bad facial recognition and I argued with Withered Bonnie a LOT.

I did enjoy the popularity I got, though, and adored the spotlight a little too much. It was really fun being the bet guitarist!


Name: Funshine Bear

: ~7

Pronouns: He/Him

: Primary (80%)

Source: Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

Personality: Outgoing and humorous, hyper and athletic, caring and courageous.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I lived in the UTM Care-A-Lot, and was the most dumb when it came to what was going on at all times.

I did love Good Luck and Grumpy though! They were very nice, especially Good Luck!

I remember skateboarding a lot, and was a very energetic person!

I also made jokes all the time! Mostly bad puns to lighten the mood, or to at least make people smile!

I went down onto earth a lot to help kids, though! I adored seeing them and helping them as often as I could!


Name: Lake

: 12-13

Pronouns: They/Them

: Primary (80%)

Source: Infinity Train Season 2

Personality: Snappy and rude, confident and sassy, clever and agile yet bad at lying.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I was very much trans vibes! I didn't like seeing myself as Tulip, and when we were separated, it was the most refreshing thing to be myself!

Seeing my own reflection was often scary, but after I escaped the train, it was nice to be able to see who I really was without being afraid of getting hurt.

I also remember exploring a lot of very cool cars! A lot of time on my own and trying new things! I liked doing human things even though I didn't need to, technically.


Name: Margaret "Mae" Borowski

: 20

Pronouns: She/Her

: Primary (80%)

Source: Night in the Woods

Personality: Depressed and impulsive, creative and artistic, aggressive and silly.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I definitely had a crush on Bea, and while I don't think I ever went out with her, I flirted with her a lot.

Crimes were so much fun! Mostly just beating up abandoned things, though. I was very impulsive when I shouldn't have been.

I struggled a lot with dissociation, but drawing definitely helped. I believe I did graffiti too, but not as often as I wanted.


Name: Taffyta Muttonfudge

: 12

Pronouns: She/Her

: Primary (80%)

Source: Wreck-it-Ralph

Personality: Overconfident and defensive, joking yet blunt, rushes head first into things, reckless.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I was just as sassy and confident as canon, but after the reveal of Vanellope being a princess, I learned that I kinda had a crush on her!

I bit my lollipops as a stress stim, and since I was a video game character, it wouldn't have negatively affected me much.

I was afraid of getting less than first, and hated every second trophy I earned.


Name: Freddy Fazbear

: 15

Pronouns: He/Him

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Five Nights at Freddy's 1 + 4

Personality: Quiet and standoffish, rude and uncaring, confident and self assured, threatening.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I was one of the masked kids, specifically the Freddy Bully, and was really mean to the Crying Child when I was alive.

William Afton killed us four as a revenge for us hurting his son, and I ended up possessing Freddy. Didn't work out so well for him, did it?

I was very quiet, but enjoyed the spotlight. I'd often just watch as chaos happen, and continue singing. Whether this was an animatronic thing, or if I was just an asshole, who knows.


Name: Izuku Midoriya 「みどりやいずく」

: 16

Pronouns: He/Him

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Boku no Hero Academia

Personality: Anxious and stuttery, nervous yet knowledgeable, smart and quick thinking, clever.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

I was Dekiru instead of Deku! I changed my hero name after I thought about it, standing up for myself!

I also had a crush on Todoroki and Kirishima! Kiri was very friendly with me and we grew even closer than canon!

I looked up to All Might like a dad, but I regret letting him give me One for All, since it ruined my self esteem more than he realized it would.


Name: Petra

: ~20

Pronouns: She/They

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Minecraft: Story Mode

Personality: Sassy, witty and playful, smart yet stubborn, sensitive and vigilant.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -


Name: Plushtrap

: ~6

Pronouns: He/Him

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Personality: Energetic and near feral, somewhat aggressive and playful, mischievous and chaotic.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -


Name: Golden Freddy

: Who knows!

Pronouns: He/They

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Five Nights at Freddy's 1

Personality: Silent and observant, socially inept and reclusive, thoughtful and affectionate.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -


Name: Monika

: 18

Pronouns: She/Her

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Doki Doki Literature Club

Personality: Jealous and manipulative, self conscious and remorseful, inventful and imaginative.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -


Name: Taffyta Muttonfudge

: 12

Pronouns: She/Her

: Secondary (75%)

Source: Wreck-it-Ralph

Personality: Reserved and cold, deliberate and observant, softspoken and nervous.

Drop Down Arrow  - Fun Facts -

- Comfort Characters-

Name Source Type
Jack Minecraft: Story Mode Idol, Parental
Undyne Undertale Idol, Parental
Ivor Minecraft: Story Mode Parental
Fredbear Five Nights at Freddy's Parental
Spring Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's Parental
Garnet Steven Universe Parental
Principal Celestia My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Parental
Nurm Minecraft: Story Mode Parental
Olivia Minecraft: Story Mode Platonic
Stampy Cat Minecraft: Story Mode Platonic
Springtrap Five Nights at Freddy's Platonic
Toy Chica Five Nights at Freddy's Platonic
Pinkie Pie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Platonic
Mangle / Toy Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Platonic
Helpy Five Nights at Freddy's Platonic
Oopsy Bear Care Bears Platonic
Vinyl Scratch My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Platonic
Sci-Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Platonic
Papyrus Undertale Platonic
Connie Maheswaren Steven Universe Platonic
Lukas Minecraft: Story Mode Platonic, Bestie
Denki Kaminari 「でんきかみなり」 My Hero Academia Platonic, Bestie
Tsuyu Asui 「つゆあすい」 My Hero Academia Platonic, Bestie
Crystal Pokémon Platonic, Bestie
Meta Knight Kirby Platonic, Bestie
Kazuichi Souda 「かずいちそうだ」 Super Danganronpa 2 Platonic, Bestie
Asriel Dreemurr Undertale Platonic, Sibling
Herobrine Minecraft Romantic
Steve Minecraft Romantic
Jesse (Fem!) Minecraft: Story Mode Romantic
Security Girl Five Nights at Freddy's Romantic
Glitchtrap Five Nights at Freddy's Romantic
Toy Freddy Five Nights at Freddy's Romantic
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Romantic
Blue Pearl Steven Universe Romantic
Eijirou Kirishima 「えいじろうきりしま」 My Hero Academia Romantic
Shouto Todoroki 「しょうととどろき」 My Hero Academia Romantic
Name Source Type

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